Electronic Participation Tools
     for Spatial Planning
and Territorial Development


The PARTERRE project demonstrated and validated the business potential of novel e-participatory methods and tools for spatial and strategic planning at the European level, by leveraging on two fully blown ICT solutions:

1. The Electronic Town Meeting (first introduced into Europe by Avventura Urbana srl and technically supported by the project's coordinating organisation, Regione Toscana), a deliberative democracy methodology and toolset combining the direct integration of small-groups discussion with the advantages of electronic communication.

2. The DEMOS-Plan solution for the management of participatory spatial planning, derived from the DEMOS deliberative discourse making machine which was successfully deployed by another project partner (TuTech Innovation GmbH) in collaboration with the City State of Hamburg in the context of a Preparatory Action on e-Participation, entitled "LexiPation", and used by Regione Toscana as an evaluation forum regarding its newly approved Law on participation.

In both cases, the ICT solutions have reached a sufficient refinement to become the core assets of the pan-European service envisaged, and its validation was the main result of the PARTERRE project.


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