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The main goal of the Directorate for Innovation Technologies and Phone Systems of the Regional Administration is the implementation of policies and strategies for the Information Society development in Tuscany, both within the citizenry and the “cooperative networks” of social and institutional agents that substantiate the governance model of the Tuscany Region. To that purpose, the Directorate runs Regional initiatives in the field of e Government, e Health, e Participation and e-Services in compliance with the ongoing programmes at European, national and interregional level; coordinates ICT development inside the Regional Administration in a shared and participatory manner; promotes the dissemination and proper use of innovative ICT tools, solutions, products and services by citizens and businesses.

  • Circa 1997-now: Building up and maintenance of a region-wide telematic infrastructure, RTRT (first example in Italy) linking all the main public entities of Tuscany and a significant representation of private sector (profit and no-profit).
  • Circa 2001-now: Conception and implementation of the “e-Toscana” initiative (the Action Plan of Tuscany Regional Administration), including a long list of 50 specific projects for ICT development in the private sector, e-Government and e-Inclusion in the Regional Information Society, with an overall investment of more than 100 million Euros.
  • In 2004 the Regional Government of Tuscany was the first in Italy that published a regional law with subject “The promotion of electronic administration and of the information and knowledge society throughout the regional system”.
  • Circa 2005-now: Establishment of 298 PAAS (“Points of Assisted Access to online Services”) as nodes of a physical infrastructure and a virtual community of experts and users, which provide free-of-charge support to people in accessing the Regional e-Government services.
  • In 2007 another important Regional law has been passed on the topic of “Citizen Participation”, aiming to promote new forms and channels of citizens participation in public decision-making processes.
  • Ongoing activities: Dissemination of free and open source software; Experimentation of innovative infrastructure solutions to spread broadband services to all citizens of Tuscany; Voice Over IP infrastructure to connect with a unified messaging system all the Public Administration bodies of Tuscany.
  • All of the above is part of a programme for the promotion and development of e-Government and the Information and Knowledge-based Society in the Region called e-Toscana, which has become since 2010 an associate member to the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Our website: http://www.e.toscana.it

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