Electronic Participation Tools
     for Spatial Planning
and Territorial Development


Both DEMOS-Plan and Electronic Town Meeting are useful tools for European planning authorities and easy to embed into existing processes and IT infrastructures. They support the legal requirement and/or political need to consult citizens and stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner.

PARTERRE is being offered as a comprehensive service, covering both methodological and technological aspects, the latter leveraging DEMOS-Plan and eTM both as standalone components and integrated into a single concept, process and/or infrastructure. More specifically, the DEMOS-Plan solution enables government authorities to conduct formal and informal consultations with statutory consultees and the general public online, and fully automates the participatory planning process. In this way, significant costs savings are achieved for paper-based maps that are likely to need to be printed many times during the process, as well as on other paper documents sent by post to different stakeholders that can be easily lost in the process. The system also allows an integrated approach by which consultees can submit their opinions and receive periodic updates on the status of the overall consultation process as well as an official response to their own applications.

The eTM solution enhances the direct participation of citizens, stakeholders and civil society in decision-making processes regarding spatial planning and environmental assessment, both at the local and regional level where specific decisions are taken and applied and at the broader national and EU level, where the policy frameworks for Europe's territorial development are defined.

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