Electronic Participation Tools
     for Spatial Planning
and Territorial Development


Compared to the AS-IS scenario, we can quantify three different kinds of return:

         1. Savings on direct costs (e.g. printing costs and postal services) that are heavily dependent on the nature of the underlying process, but are certainly higher than the total cost of ownership of the DEMOS-Plan solution, particularly when more than one process is simultaneously managed by a planning authority in the same time frame;
         2. Reduced costs of arranging public participation (basically in terms of cost per active participant), as a result of the deployment of eTM, which can perform well especially when several hundreds of attendees are expected - compared with the poor attendance rate of most public consultation forums and websites;
         3. Increased social return in terms of e.g. trust and confidence in institutions, a better reputation of the public authority in the area, and the possibility to crowdsource ideas and proposals from the public etc. - this return is then multiplied by the consequential reduction in time for the implementation of a policy, due to the foundation of consensus built by the PARTERRE Service.

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